About us

Pantano & Gupta is a New York City-based law firm located in Midtown Manhattan.

Our focus is on the successful establishment and long-term profitability of businesses. We serve US and foreign businesses as they expand into emerging markets, multinational corporations, and international businesses seeking to navigate the waters of US and European markets.

We provide a COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH and offer a variety of corporate services, tailored to the demand of companies, individuals and entrepreneurs.  Our attorneys provide clarity, guidance and strategic business law counsel to our clients as they establish their entities, restructure, raise financing and buy & sell companies.

Whether you run a start-up or an established company, we provide businesses with legal counsel during all stages of their life-cycles— formation, operation, expansion, merger or acquisition and dissolution. As a mentor to Start-Ups, we help new companies structure their business and provide finance strategies to enable rapid growth.

Our client base covers an extensive range of industries, including:

Food and beverage
Technology start-ups
Branding & marketing

Practice Areas

Please contact us for more details regarding any of our practice areas.

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